Solid Ring Gauge vs Adjustable Style


Solid Ring Gauge vs Adjustable Ring Gauge (AGD)

At Northern Gauge we provide a solid ring design because we know that it is superior to AGD (American Gauge Design) for the following reasons:

  • Dimensionally more accurate; we can physically measure the pitch diameter and minor diameter. AGD rings are never truly round. AGD ring Pitch Diameters are based on the pitch diameter of the set plug. So basically you only know it's larger than the Pitch Diameter of the Set Plug; how much larger nobody knows for sure.
  • No setting plug needed for calibration or Manufacture; a cost saving as you are not forced to purchase the set plug if the gauge manufacturer doesn't have it in stock.
  • More care-free, if dropped it doesn't have to be re-calibrated. With the price of AGD setting plugs it make's good economic sense to go with a solid ring and perform your periodic calibration based on usage.
  • Our solid rings are economically priced in comparison to AGD style.
  • Once you try using our solid rings you'll never go back to AGD.